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Seminario Oenos.201 | Krasi Sto Epikentro (Άnixi '24)

Seminario Oenos.201 | Krasi Sto Epikentro (Άnixi '24)

Meta Tin Epitichia Tou Isagogikou Seminariou Oenos.101, Erchete To Seminario Oenos.201 Gia Na Sas Odigisi Se Pio Idietera Monopatia Gnosis Giro Apo To Krasi. Sto Oenos.201 Vlepoume Analitikotera Ta Diaforetika Stil Krasiou, Tis Idieteres Technikes Paragogis Ke Ta Xechorista Charaktiristika Ton Ampelonon Tou Kosmou.

Oenos Trip #2 | Ktima Mouson

Oenos Trip #2 | Ktima Mouson

I Defteri Ekdromi Tis Oenos&co Ine Gegonos! Taxidevoume, Afthimeron, Sto Ktima Mouson, Stin Kilada Ton Mouson, Sti Viotia, Opou Tha Xenagithoume Ke Tha Dokimasoume Krasia Ke Apostagmata Tou Ktimatos. Tha Akolouthisi Gevma Se Topiki Taverna, Me Paradosiakes Gefsis, Sinodia Epilegmenon Krasion Tou Ktimatos Gia Mia Olokliromeni Gefsignostiki Empiria.

The Seminars

Alexandros has drawn inspiration from his path through the world of flavors, from a mere passion to a full time profession, in order to create the Tasting Gatherings series of Oenos&co.  Here, you'll discover wine seminars and standalone tastings of various interesting themes.


Small groups of people embark on a journey full of flavors, aromas, places and producers with the guidance of the sommelier. A unique and accessible experience, focused on the essence within the glass and the value of sharing moments, awaits you!
* We are introducing the "Oenos 101" seminar in which we are going to talk about wine and its characteristics.  We will follow the journey from the vineyard to the wine glass, try wines from different grape varieties and analyze their various flavors and aromas. 

The first round of seminars has been now completed. We will announce new dates for the "Oenos 101" as well as new seminars and tastings for Winter 2022 shortly.

To join us or to get more information about the seminar please press the register button.
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