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Simplicity in pairing favorite flavors with memorable moments!

Coming from years in the hospitality industry, we suddenly found ourselves stranded home, due to the pandemic, away from our guests. Spending a fair bit of time in front of screens we got into online purchases including the occasional bottle of wine or beer for our night-ins. During quarantine we started thinking about an alternative in getting together again with people who appreciate wine, beer and coffee, in a way paved with objective information and unbiased guidance. We set forth to create a medium with which we can provide services according to our philosophy. Offering personalized and relevant solutions, connecting customer, product and occasion in an easy and comprehensive manner, turning the trip from the laptop to the glass into an experience. Thus, in 2021, Oenos&co was born! We are, Vasso, with her broad experience in hospitality and Alexandros, a seasoned sommelier, sharing our love for the world of flavors and its stories and we are starting up with a couple of tools with a lot more coming soon. Stay tuned...
New products
New products
to Vareli, Ine Anamfivola Ena Apo Ta Pio Polisizitimena Themata Giro Apo To Krasi...
pos Proekipse, Istorika, I Chrisi Tou;
me Pious Tropous Chrisimopiite;
pos Epireazi Ton Charaktira Enos Krasiou;
Digital Sommelier
Digital Sommelier
WHAT   A full fledged digital world of wine hidden behind the red button. A personal Sommelier at your fingertips is just a click away!

HOW   Following 3 simple steps you choose: favorite wine attributes, occasion and food pairing and the Sommelier has a proposal tailormade to your needs! 

About Us
We are Vasso and Alexandros and Oenos&co is a digital world full of wine that we created in order to share...
We are constantly trying new (and old!) wines from Greece and the rest of the world and work on themes and ideas in order to bring you exciting tasting events! Press on "Subscribe" to become a member of Oenos&co so that you stay up to date on our upcoming Tastings and book your spot.
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